How CPAP Masks Save Lives | CPAP Pro

How CPAP Masks Save Lives | CPAP Pro

A CPAP mask can be a life-saver for many suffering from sleep apnea. How? A deadly side-effect from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the constant stops of breathing during night. CPAP – or continuous positive airway pressure – provides a steady flow of oxygen throughout the night, and prevents the OSA sufferer from stopping breathing. It is estimated that 2 percent of women suffer from OSA, while twice as many men suffers from apnea. In other words, a simple mask can save the lives of countless OSA-patients throughout the world.

OSA Symptoms

One of the most common symptoms is the snoring. The heavy snoring often leads to breathing stops under sleep. These breathing stops can last from a few second to up to a minute. This can repeat itself as much as a hundred times during one night, but the patient is unlikely to remember this after waking up. Constant toilet visits, nightmares and excessive sweating are just a few other nighttime symptoms of apnea.

Daytime symptoms include excessive daytime sleepiness, constant headaches, problems concentrating and irritability. The snoring and breathing stops can often be a challenge for sexual intimacy, and many couples end up sleeping in different bedrooms. Weight issues is another factor often accompanied by the apnea, often along with a high blood pressure which can lead to a variety of heart diseases and medical complications.

CPAP Masks

CPAP masks come in a variety of shapes and forms. The most widespread are nasal-pillow masks and the original full-face mask. Picking the right mask is crucial for an efficient CPAP treatment. Patients need masks that are comfortable and is applied tightly, so air won’t leak out of the mask. Masks come with a unique boil-and-bite mouth piece, guaranteed to fit all patients’ mouths. Before acquiring masks it is important to get diagnosed by a sleep specialist or physician. More likely than not, the mask will result in a drastic reduction of both snoring and breathing stops during night. Many patients also experience a lowered blood pressure, reduction of weight and a more active lifestyle with less tiredness.

While many of the older classic masks come with headgear and/or irritating straps, the uniqueness of our NoMask product is that it offers none of the above. It simply is the most comfortable, reliable and tolerable sleep apnea mask for continuous positive airway pressure.

Why Our CPAP Mask?

How does NoMask compare to other CPAP masks? Check the image below to discover why thousands of apnea patients have found NoMask to be the ultimate sleep apnea mask to cure their OSA.

CPAP masks

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