4 Tips To Stop Snoring | CPAP Pro

4 Tips To Stop Snoring | CPAP Pro

At CPAP Pro® we have helped thousands of patients suffering from OSA, also simply known as apnea. Often recognized by the long breathing breaks during sleep, a large number of those diagnosed suffer from loud snoring and interrupting wake ups at night. In this article we will outline 4 tips you can do in order to limit the snoring.

4. Losing Weight

Overweight individuals may have a higher chance of snoring. By working out daily and eating healthy, you can lose weight while also achieve less snoring. OSA is also more prevalent in obese- and overweight individuals, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

3. Exercising Daily

Working out daily might be a key for many snorers. Make sure your body is physically tired when going to bed. Patients changing their work out rituals have also seen a lesser need for addictive sedative medication and/or dangerous alcohol-intakes before bed.

2. Changing Position

If you are not suffering from a syndrome or disorder, simply changing your nightly position may help to solve your issues. Try a night on the side and see if there is any noticeably difference from prior nights.

1. Acquiring CPAP

The before-mentioned remedies simply will not do the trick if you have been diagnosed with OSA. Sleep apnea masks have helped thousands of sufferers throughout the world, and can be the difference between life and death for vulnerable OSA-sufferers. By providing a continuous airflow through the night, these machines not only significantly reduce snoring, but can help patients regain peaceful and uninterrupted sleeping.

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