3 Ways Anyone Can Alleviate Snoring

Diagnosed with Sleep apnea or not, millions of Americans are nightly struggling due to excessive, loud, annoying or interruptive snoring. As a common side effect to an array of sleep disorders, we always suggest snorers participate in a medical sleep test to be correctly screened for potential threats or accompanying medicinal problems.

Whether you suffer from OSA, or whether you are healthy but bothered by extensive snoring, a few simple tips may help alleviate the issue.

1) Weight Loss

Many patients diagnosed with OSA contact us to hear more about cpap products. Common for most OSA-sufferers is a medical condition often partly diagnosed due to weight issues. What many fail to realize is that overweight is often linked to heavy snoring, and by loosing weight, the snorer may eliminate snoring altogether.

2) Sleeping Patterns

Are you going to bed at the same time each night? When do you wake up? Scientists have found people with rigid sleeping patterns not only to be more relaxed, but have also found evidence suggesting a daily routine can lead to less snoring.

3) Bad Habits

A drink before bedtime can falsely appear to help in time of need, but should by all means be limited and avoided altogether if possible prior to bedtime. Maybe an even larger issue for a Sleep apnea patient, prescribed sleeping pills may provide a temporary relief, but can have an overall negative impact. Quitting habits such as cigarettes or alcohol before bed may even eliminate snoring altogether.

Whether you have apnea – or whether you’re “just” a heavy snorer – participating in a sleep study is highly recommended. While about everyone can experience some level of snoring, heavy- or interruptive snoring may be the sign of serious medical conditions such as OSA (o.s. apnea).

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