The revolutionary CPAP Mask that was invented by a sleep apnea patient

The unique and revolutionizing No Mask or CPAP Pro® has taken the world market with storm since its launching in 2000. A mask with no annoying head gear nor strings/strings, these masks are truly the most comfortable and lightweight mask option available. What few may not know, is that the inventor of the mask also is a sleep apnea sufferer himself.

Joseph Goldstein, or CPAP Joe, was diagnosed with OSA – obstructive sleep apnea – in 1996. After having felt terrible in the mornings for years, due to lack of sleep, he decided to visit a sleep specialist to get diagnosed. He would often drink coffee through the day to stay awake. After waking up in the morning, he would often have a headache and feel unrested. When going to bed, he had problems staying asleep and would wake up multiple times during night.

After discovering he was suffering from severe sleep apnea syndrome, he was introduced to the various CPAP masks available on the market. He tried many of them, but most were just too unforgettable and some even painful to wear. After big efforts and many masks, Joe gave up on the apnea masks.

But it had to be a solution to this? It was no doubt the airway flow helped him sleep better, but the pains and discomforts were just intolerable. And about every week Joe received a new mask, eventually trying out all the masks available on the market. The conventional CPAP masks just had to be changed. Joe began planning his own CPAP mask, and eventually discovered how a pillow nasal mask variant could do the trick.

Joe then spent years on working with possible designers, testing, obtaining an FDA approval and obtaining patents. In 2000, his invention was put in to life and the No Mask was launched. Since then, thousands of Americans have turned to Joe’s CPAP mask and re-discovered peaceful sleep. Not only is it a comfortable CPAP mask, but one of few CPAP masks which does not require heavy head gear nor irritating straps or strings.

See our video below and learn how our revolutionary CPAP masks have helped thousands of sleep apnea patients overcoming their OSA.

Millions of Americans are suffering from severe sleep apnea, which may cause a variety of sometimes deadly heart complications and diseases. Most often characterized by excessive and disruptive snoring, a sleep specialist should always be consulted before using medical equipment. As highlighted by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, always keep your masks and CPAP devices clean.